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Portals & Security

Portals & Security

Information is the most valuable asset of your company
Manage your access with a powerful web portal

Information is the most valuable asset of your company.  A web portal maximizes the productive utilization of your information while protecting it from undesired access.

Plus-Ultra WEB works with you to implement a web portal that fits your unique needs and that reflects the image of your company.  We offer flexible services to support you on graphical design, content consultation and implementation of your portal.  After its implementation, we can also provide maintenance services to keep your content updated following the dynamics of your business.

Your customers, employees, partners and the general public will have access to your portal…
  • Your employees may need access to internal company news, price lists, or payroll information.
  • Your customers require access to product manuals or order status information.
  • Your partners want access to sales tools to help you win in the market place.
  • General users seek basic information about your company and products to become potential customers or investors.
…and you need to control what categories of users have access to different pages.
A powerful web portal based on the DotNetNuke platform gives you the flexibility and control that you need to manage your web information efficiently and securely.


General users have access to publicly available pages that contain non-proprietary information about your company and products including company description, product updates, press news, and marketing information that helps you generate sales leads and expand your customer base.

To enable access to protected areas of your portal, you control the category assigned to each registered user.  This categorization includes read/write permissions for each page and user.

Then, a registered and authorized user has access to a particular set of protected pages which will enable productive use of your information while securing it against undesired users.