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Electronic Marketing

Electronic Marketing

Easy to use ecommerce tools
help your business to access new markets and boost your sales

Electronic media enables a vast spectrum of creative marketing tools to communicate with your customers, extend awareness of your products and help you generate new sales leads.

Plus-Ultra WEB has the technology, experience, and personal touch to support your marketing efforts with electronic messages to satisfy your business needs.

Do you need to…
  • Reach out to new customers and present your products and services to a broad audience?
  • Enable online ordering and payment?
  • Maintain customer loyalty to secure a continued business relationship?
Are you looking for tools to…
  • Demonstrate the value of your products to any customer, anywhere, anytime?
  • Create electronic invitations that automate the registration process to conferences and customer-oriented events?
  • Get customer feedback about your products and future expectations to improve your competitiveness?
  • Keep track of customer responses on a marketing campaign?
Plus-Ultra WEB has the answers to these and other questions.  We can implement the right Electronic Marketing solutions for your business.
Virtual product demonstrations in Flash allow customers to get an interactive experience of your products at anytime from their own computer.  Our team will help you each step of the way to create these demonstrations.

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Secure ecommerce facilitates online payment of products and services while enhancing the efficiency of your ordering process.

An intelligent email provides interactive capabilities to personalize the communication with your customers, facilitating feedback and order generation.
  • Create seminar invitations that simplify the enrollment process.
  • Promote your products and easily capture requests for quotes.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns.