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Custom Projects

Custom Projects

Your company's needs are unique
Our Internet experts are ready to help

Each company has a unique image and its marketing plans must be tailored to its target market to better reach the intended audience.

Plus-Ultra WEB delivers the experience you need to achieve your marketing goals cost-effectively.

You need to create a corporate image that reflects the qualities of your products. Our team can work with you to develop the graphic design for your company.  From logos and color schemes, to overall corporate image.
  • Our low-cost image bank provides a wealth of illustrations for your marketing materials.
  • Our team can design a customized website that has the right image and functionality for your company.
You seek to communicate often with your customers in a professional manner. HTML-based emails reflect a professional image, and offer interactive features to maximize the effectiveness of your communications.
  • Invite customers to a seminar, and ask them to register online.
  • Create online feedback forms to learn more about your customers' opinion about you and your competitors.
  • Send periodic newsletters and stay close to your customers.
You want to maximize the impact of your promotional campaigns and measure it. Electronic media is a cost-effective method to reach out to your customers and track their feedback.
  • Comprehensive statistics provide measurable information about the success of electronic marketing campaigns.
  • Interactive communications such as polls, give immediate feedback about your products, and the effectiveness of your promotions.